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Jackie Oh!
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Jackie Oh! Kitty Kelley She was the definition of White House style for too brief a time And as a private citizen, we couldn t seem to get enough of her Here is the inside, outside, upside and downside of our own American princess Tragic, heroic, private the image of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis remains the image of an American icon that will never lose its ability to charm and fascinate.. Jackie Oh She was the definition of White House style for too brief a time And as a private citizen we couldn t seem to get enough of her Here is the inside outside upside and downside of our own American pr
  • Title: Jackie Oh!
  • Author: Kitty Kelley
  • ISBN: 9780345320803
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Jackie Oh! Kitty Kelley

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    1. Orry Farrell says:

      JACKIE OH NO YOU DIDN T She was not a nice lady that s an understatement Snobby and entitled At those two, she was a consummate professional Her motto was obviously better living through older men with tons of money well, there s an admirable life goal The First lady was no lady She spoke horribly of people behind their backs, treated staff as the lesser people , and spent millions of dollars on nobody but herself JFK and Aristotle Onassis were obviously daddy figures to her and she basically di [...]

    2. Gayle Hayes says:

      I was in grade school when John Kennedy was running for President I remember reading about his campaign in a Current Events newspaper published for school children I remember seeing a photo of John and Jacqueline with the article Something about the photo of her caused me to dislike her without knowing anything about her As time went on, Jack and Jackie were always in the news I thought she was beautiful and charming I admired him The assassination of President Kennedy was really a turning point [...]

    3. Renee Reynolds says:

      I m staying in a mountain cabin owned by octogenarians, who most likely owned this book when it was first published in 1978 What undoubtedly started as Page Six tabloid material and may have been questionable journalism back in the day has been verified by subsequent Kennedy Camelot documents, and proves to give the author credibility.I found this book absolutely fascinating and can sum it up with this thesis statement I m glad I m not rich or famous Dear goodness, while we as human beings, espe [...]

    4. Hope says:

      Definitely trashy and salacious Despite Kelley s attempt to paint Jackie O as a moody spendthrift and courtesan esque second wife, it s difficult not to sympathize with her There was plenty of heartbreak her miscarriages, the stillbirth of baby Arabella, and early death of baby Patrick, JFK s incessant infidelities of the Tiger Woods compulsive type , his assassination, the violent death of RFK There s a brief moment when Kelley mentions in passing that all of RFK s children and their cousins ne [...]

    5. Josie says:

      I have read other Kelley unauthorized biographies Most of them, I thought, made the subject s seem human After reading the Oprah biography, I gained a new respect for Oprah This book, did not make Jackie look good at all But this was no surprise I listened to the taped interview Jackie did some time after JFK s assassination She came off as self centered, stuck up, and ignorant in that interview And, the recording was of her own words and not taken out of context After 2 hours of listening to h [...]

    6. Jena Fuller says:

      I d heard of this book since it was published I was in the mood to read some gossipy trash and this filled that need I didn t expect it to be than it was, so I enjoyed it.I m not sure why Good Reads shows the author as William Kelley It s Kitty Kelley.

    7. Heather McWhorter says:

      I m surprised by the negative reviews of this book I found it to be insightful entertaining then again, I m a huge Kennedy buff.

    8. Anita Colbert says:

      InsightfulTrue to the title Oh Jackie And Oh JFK Just proves we should never put people on a pedestal.Sad to know what it s really like at the top.

    9. James Carter says:

      I had always hated Jackie Kennedy, and I didn t even know a thing about her It only took one glance at her, and I just automatically knew Searching for tell all celebrity books, Jackie Oh came up, and after some hesitation, I decided to go for it The decision proved to be worth it, and I ended up hating Jackie Kennedy even with much greater passion Look up the word gold digger, and there you will find a picture of Jackie Kennedy Possessing no redeeming qualities to speak of, she was also a fuck [...]

    10. Mirachil27 says:

      The Real Jacqueline Kennedy I devoured this book It was hard to put down I will say, I saw a side of Jackie she hated when people called her that that I had never seen before Kitty Kelly has always been a controversial biographer, but this book contains lots of direct quotes of people who knew the First Lady well I suspect that a lot of what I learned from this book very true indeed I would recommend the book to anyone interested in the Kennedy legacy It is a juicy read

    11. Tedsandi2000 Kinghorn says:

      Author is Kitty Kelley It was thorough and presented many points of view I just read Tina Brown s book Her brief encounter with Jackie triggered my curiosity Jackie is a very complicated woman Her choice of a husband like her father, who was a notorious womanizer, is baffling Many of the very rich have such a different set of values.

    12. Su Bat-El says:

      This book I read it a lot of years back I didn t understand it much, but it did shape how i thought about marriage and leadership I think its a little destructive.

    13. Barbra says:

      Good read but found Jackie to be very snobbish and whiny She appears to have been quite materialistic and not a very nice person.

    14. June Pulver says:

      Very revealing about Jackie s private life and her public image.I have always admired Jackie , and to read about her Private life left me very surprised Great read for all

    15. Sheila says:

      I loved this book and found it interesting I ve never known much about Jackie O, except who she married, that I liked her clothes, that she was cheated on and who her children were I was curious as tho why she would have allowed cheating, what the kennedy curse that I ve heard about, was about My questions were answered in this book The book really explained hergood and bad I saw that there were other books written about her and idk if they re better, but this book was interesting to me It reall [...]

    16. Cathryn Conroy says:

      Author Kitty Kelley is well known for her meticulously researched, unauthorized biographies of the rich and famous She doesn t disappoint with her tome on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Rich with detail, gossip and lots of quotes from those who knew her well some attributed, most not , this book will give you a whole new impression of Jackie O The whispery voice, the na ve and fashionable first lady was a cover for someone who was whip smart, astute, shrewd, scheming when warranted and accustomed to [...]

    17. Sommer says:

      This book wasn t awful BUT I think this author spent too much time focusing on gossip,hearsay and aspects about Jackie s life that are really unnecessary To me it seemed that Kitty Kelly the author had it out for Jackie and I think she went to crazy lengths to tell her twisted story Yes, Jackie was rich Yes, JFK cheated on her Yes, she could be moody at times But come on Tell me something real And don t waste time talking smack about my girl.

    18. Kara says:

      My first Kitty Kelley It left me with the urge to coat myself with hand sanitizer This book was all the sadder because it was published in 1978 before Jackie and John Jr s deaths Made it hard to really enjoy any of the gossip Update over a week has passed I saw Jackie s inauguration gown at the Smithsonian I felt unpleasant I can honestly say this is the only book I have ever regretted reading I don t feel like any aspect of my life is better for it Thanks, Kitty.

    19. Kamille says:

      If you enjoy reading gossip magazines you ll love this Personally it s not the best book I ve ever read, I didn t get anything from having read it, the whole book seemed like a completely unsubstantiated he said, she said narrative that I highly doubt bared any resemblance to the truth All in all a great time waster if you re looking for something frivolous to read.

    20. Sarah says:

      I bought this because it was a bargain on the kindle and I wasn t done reading about Jackie yetw I am Time to move on from the Kennedys The only thing I liked about this book was that it went into details beyond JFK s death, something I ve been curious about since my last two reads I imagine that books about the Kennedys are in my future But not now.

    21. VIRGINIA L. BLODGETT says:

      No longer CamelotI found this book to be very informative I found Mrs Kennedy to be a very complicated personality She was very private, loved the finer things in life, disliked the Kennedy s, got along much better with men rather than women, and was very insecure I prefer to think of her as an individual that was very human and not perfect.

    22. Melissa says:

      Very choppy, hypocritical and sensational.

    23. Sarah A says:

      Wow Turns out Jackie O wasn t the prim princess we all thought Great read

    24. Kristjan Wager says:

      I am probably not the target audience for the book I have never seen the glamor of the Kennedy family, and I find Kitty Kelley s writing bad I read the book, and in the end, I didn t care.

    25. Sarah says:

      giggly read on a cape cod beach but not without guilt considering the family tragedy in the area.

    26. Jean Marie Angelo says:

      Dishy and trashy what s not to like How much is true We just don t know A fun read anyway.

    27. Sheila says:

      More a nasty hatchet job than a balanced bio of Jackie But then, nasty hatchet jobs are Kelley s speciality.

    28. julianne says:

      This is the first Kitty Kelley I ve read and I have to admit I enjoyed it Some of it read like gossip but most of it can be verified by other books on the subject matter.

    29. Deadly Microbe says:

      A book about miserable rich people What s not to like More pictures would have been good why are so many of them in black and white

    30. Barb Bailey says:

      A book about a lady of elegance and excellance.

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