Steven Arntson Steven Arnston
The Wikkeling
June 09, 2020 Comments.. 283
The Wikkeling Steven Arntson Steven Arnston In the enormous city of the Addition, all children are SAFE, SECURE, and SUPERVISED, and are watched by cameras even while they sleep Henrietta is unlikable at her competitive school until she meets Gary and Rose They all share something in common headaches with an unknown cause Then, late one night, Henrietta makes a startling discovery when she finds a wounded cat inIn the enormous city of the Addition, all children are SAFE, SECURE, and SUPERVISED, and are watched by cameras even while they sleep Henrietta is unlikable at her competitive school until she meets Gary and Rose They all share something in common headaches with an unknown cause Then, late one night, Henrietta makes a startling discovery when she finds a wounded cat in the attic above her bedroom Soon after, a series of strange occurrences follow, including the appearance of a threatening creature with long, waxy fingers, who calls itself the Wikkeling With the help of an ancient Bestiary, will Henrietta and her friends solve these mysteries before the Wikkeling finally catches them Age Middle Reader 8 12. The Wikkeling In the enormous city of the Addition all children are SAFE SECURE and SUPERVISED and are watched by cameras even while they sleep Henrietta is unlikable at her competitive school until she meets G
  • Title: The Wikkeling
  • Author: Steven Arntson Steven Arnston
  • ISBN: 9780762439034
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Wikkeling Steven Arntson Steven Arnston

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      Steven Arntson Steven Arnston

    1 Blog on “The Wikkeling

    1. Katie says:

      This book was so good I don t usually judge a book by its cover, but in this case, I m glad I did The Wikkeling made me laugh, think and gave me the chills From its surprisingly likeable characters to the creepy enemy, this mysterious book had me glued on page 1 If you haven t added this to your library yet, you absolutely need to

    2. Robyn says:

      Henrietta is the main character of this story The whole book will be about her and it s worth mentioning at the outset a few things that aren t going to happen to her She will not become beautiful when someone gives her a new hairstyle She will not find a miracle cure for her pimples when an angel sees she s a good girl inside She will not find out that she s actually a princess, and she won t become happy forever when a prince marries her Those books are out there, and your school librarian can [...]

    3. Candace says:

      I wasn t sure what I would think of this book when I accepted it for review But it being labeled a dystopian got my attention and I couldn t turn it down I m very glad I didn t because this was a fun and unique read It also had a bit of a quirky tone to it that really made it even better This is set in our world in the future and everything is computerized and books are actually considered dangerous mold can grow on them gasp I got the giggles at times when reading because in school they have to [...]

    4. Rebecca says:

      Should not have finished this in the middle of the night Creeeeeeeeepy I loved this book, because it is a rare type for kids fiction Very creepy, the Wikkeling moves in flashes straight our of J horror movies But the tongue in cheek dystopia where everything is super safe and wired is just great It s a little sad too, because the clean, safe, super connected world they live in is too safe, too clean, and too connected It made me long for things that I still have, like grass, and books, and sidew [...]

    5. Ramarie says:

      an intriguing book Henrietta lives in a world which seems not so far in the future, where everything is electronic and children don t get to act on their natural curiosity because of all the possible DANGERS involved Advertisements fill the air so there is little hope of silence, and sidewalks, trees, and grass have given way to roads But Henrietta s not your typical child she meets two other friends who are different, and they discover an attic in her house where relics such as books and candle [...]

    6. Mary Ellen says:

      4.5 stars Oh my goodness I just randomly grabbed this book off the shelf at the library I had NO idea what a treat I was in for The cover looks so old school, which I thought maybe would make readers skip over it, but after reading it I couldn t imagine a better cover I couldn t describe this book any better than how James Dashner did A truly original piece of work Swinging from funny to creepy to intriguing, it kept me enthralled throughout Seriously though This book had me laughing out loud on [...]

    7. christina says:

      I was really sad that I missed the signing for this, as I really wanted to bring Lilly too, as she and are in the middle of this, and I think it would have been a bit of a thrill to meet the real, live author and of course see the toy boats We are really enjoying the book very much, and it is gripping very well developed characters an enjoyably vivid if creepy description on this other worldly place, we love it.And Lilly is 12 and I am over 30 lets say, so that just goes to show what a good age [...]

    8. Jenna says:

      The Wikkeling captures beautiful and terrible possibilities with the voice of a smart little girl and a not unimaginable future Henrietta, her friends and the world they live in are hyper analyzed to the point of suffocation, so how could a wild animal be bleeding in the attic Smart, funny and thought provoking, with gorgeous illustrations, this mystery unfurls like a plant breaking through concrete delicate, inevitable, and awesome it its smallness.

    9. Lori says:

      Love this cautionary tale about being too over protective of children and what they are capable of learning and doing it has a very fairy tale legend type feel too it with a great sense of humor and a bit of scariness Very enjoyable and quick to read, I would recommend this for 5th grade and up.

    10. Kristin says:

      I picked this one up because the book design was fabulous However, there are far too many moving parts in this story for j fictioneven tho there are some really cool bits As a whole, the book fails, in spite of moments of coolness.

    11. r.b. says:

      i m excited and freaked out about this book and the potential it has to give me nightmares about creepers with really long fingers BECAUSE HAVING REALLY LONG FINGERS IS CREEPY.

    12. Erica says:

      Every house on Henrietta s street is identical each one newly made of vinyl and glue with flat roofs sitting behind plastic lawns in their own soundproof and airtight cocoon Every house, except Henrietta s Henrietta s house is made of wood, with a sloping roof and an old fashioned attic Henrietta s mother thinks that it must be some contaminant in their old house that is causing Henrietta s blinding headaches But Henrietta knows it isn t the house at all It s the Wikkeling Most people can t see [...]

    13. Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ says:

      Maybe I should just start reviewing things right after I read them because the whole postponing reviews for later thing isn t really working out for me I don t even want to look at my to review shelf but I m pretty sure it s like almost 30 books at this point Yikes.Anyway, I guess I ll review this now Ah hem I purchased The Wikkeling at a used book store for like 3 a while ago It immediately stood out to me on the bookshelf because it s a bit square shaped than most books Upon taking it down fr [...]

    14. Ti says:

      The Short of It The world that Arnston creates is both scary and magical but most of all fun.The Rest of It Many of you following me on Facebook or Twitter have probably heard me say than once that The Wikkeling was strange When I first started to read it, I could not shake the creep factor The cover is freaky and the book itself is not a traditional size It s wider, includes lots of handwrtitten script and has creepy illustrations of people without faces BUT, once I got past the slightly, unse [...]

    15. Stephanie Jobe says:

      This is not a story where the girl become beautiful or the boy gets the girl Henrietta gets House Sick, terrible headaches because she lives in an old house, not like the nice plastic ones that have taken over the neighborhood Things begin to change as Henrietta finally makes a friend at school and then the camera in her bedroom stops working and she finds a trapdoor to an attic where there is a wounded Wild House Cat What does the cat s presence mean How is the mysterious Wikkeling creature con [...]

    16. Susan says:

      Dystopian visions fill Juvenile shelves these days, and my favorite, so far, is The Wikkeling.With a view of the not so distant future in which there is a computer on every school desk generating instant scores, indicating instant loss of funding jobs if the scores don t measure up constant gridlock on the highways books as curiosities hyper vigilant parents, and gps devices as standard equipment in vehicles and the author s tongue firmly in cheek, we are introduced to Henrietta Gad Fly, a stude [...]

    17. Chris says:

      This book caught my attention the first time I saw it on the shelf, because its appearance, size, shape, art, and graphic design made it stand out Appealingly so That impression continued as I cracked it open, examined the interior artwork and design, and began to read I was very happy with the beginning, intrigued by the somewhat mysterious story, engaged by the vaguely strange tone, and amused by the clever social commentary.However, the further I read, the less impressed I became The I disco [...]

    18. Destinee Sutton says:

      Henrietta Gad Fly lives in a world where safety is the number one concern Her school bus has not only seat belts, but head straps Her clothes have yellow visibility stripes Her parents can monitor her 24 hours a day via mobile phone and Bed Cam That is, until Henrietta s Bed Cam mysteriously breaks, and her adventures into the past begin Can she and her friends figure out why they get terrible headaches Or what is going on with the wild house cat in Henrietta s attic Most importantly, can they d [...]

    19. Amy says:

      I picked up this Advance Reader Copy at ALA a few weeks ago and wasn t really sure what to expect, but I m a sucker for images and illustrations and free things so I grabbed it up And I m glad I did.Henrietta is a young girl in the near future, where cell phones tell parents when their children get detention, car horns emit advertisements, and health class is about how everything can and will kill you But when technology in Henrietta s house the oldest house still standing for miles around start [...]

    20. Asiila says:

      I actually picked this book up for my 15 year old during a library trip he was not interested weeks later i found it in a pile behind his bed realizing it was already overdue i figured somebody should at least read it So i did it was very intriguing, at first It takes place in a time in the not too future where everyone is plugged in all the time, kids watched by computers or their cells in order to be kept safe, ongoing traffic jams everywhere, all houses and cars pre fabricated and the same th [...]

    21. Lisa says:

      The story was different than the typical dystopic story and enjoyable a world in which all the dangers for children have been taken away everything is made from safe plastic, children are strapped into the school bus with 5 belts including one across the head and children are constantly watched via cameras, even in their bedroom Parents are able to receive instant updates on their children s exams via their phone and if their child can t pass his her tests they become a garbage man I had to laug [...]

    22. Meredith says:

      This book started out as a 5 star delight, but lost steam as it went along It narrowed from a witty dystopia full of social commentary and interesting story threads to a linear chase scene If you re wondering about the attic windows, or the Wikkeling s origins, or Henrift Andi SPOILER ALERT you won t ever really get an answer And that is incredibly frustrating.However, I do still love the following lines, because I think American society today is so full of fear and ridiculous safeguards, and it [...]

    23. Alice says:

      Henrietta is the main character of this story This whole book will be about her and it s worth mentioning at the outset a few things that aren t going to happen to her.She will not become beautiful when someone gives her a new hairstyle.She will not find a miracle cure for her pimples when an angel sees she s a good girl inside.She will not find out that she s actually a princess, and she won t become happy forever when a prince marries her.Those books are out there, and your school librarian ca [...]

    24. J.D. Clair says:

      The story is really clever with how it handles the concept of future society much in the same manner the movie Idiocricy had done The children are constantly subjected to advertisements, even on their school buses, and everything has fallen to oversimplified modernism and education has become nothing than standardized testing The children in the book are lively and fun We want to explore through them through the confinement of their environment The story actually had me laughing out loud in par [...]

    25. D"Arcy Rowe says:

      This book is set in the future and is set around three children Henrietta, Gary, and Rose They are all plagued by headaches and nobody knows why they are getting them.Everything in the future is made out of plastic houses, books, grass There are no trees and safety is of the utmost concern When a child goes to school on the bus they have a lapbelt, two over the shoulder belts, and a harness for their head The story follows the three kids in their adventures in Henrietta s attic Here they meet a [...]

    26. Jordan Mchaffie says:

      Somehow, this was a mix of a wonderfully intriguing mystery and dull, flat plotlines I enjoyed the idea and the story, but the wrap up seemed rushed and could have been so much Overall an entertaining read if nothing else.

    27. Victoria Whipple says:

      This is a hard book to describe Henrietta is a struggling student in a school and a time when everything comes down to the standardized test OK, so not so far flung, but I love a good satiric rip on standardized testing Every child in this futuristic world is constantly monitored, and one wonders how the adults in the story are able to fend for not only themselves, but also their families because the children are not allowed any freedom to learn how to take care of themselves Unless, of course, [...]

    28. Darla says:

      What a strange book I would recommend this to fans of books like The Giver, possibly Coraline, or children who want to read books like The Hunger Games but might be too young Very cryptic, very creepy, but in a safe way It leaves A LOT unexplained the book takes place in a blighted, conformist dystopian future of an ostensibly fantastic setting based on the bestiary , where a young girl, Henrietta, and her friends are being stalked by a mysterious being that seems to give them headaches Good twi [...]

    29. Julie says:

      This one takes a different spin on the apocalyptic future concept in junior young adult fiction Instead of a dark, sinister world, Henrietta and her friends live in an ultra safe, ultra sterile, ultra modern place where computers rule While most of the city is new and high tech, some remnants of the Old Town remain, such as the houses where two of the main characters live These old homes seem to hold the key to the mystery of The Wikkeling I gave this one 4 stars because there were some story el [...]

    30. Rose says:

      I only gave this two stars, but that s from a grown up point of view My 12 year old really liked it, and I think it s a good starter dystopia It takes some aspects of modern life helicopter parenting, test driven education, ubiquitous advertising, communication via devices and alienation of personal relationships and pushes them to an extreme This is a good way to get a reader to think about those issues in the real world An especially useful exercise for a Tween But as an adult reader, I found [...]

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