Heinrich Böll Patrick Bowles
Billiards at Half-Past Nine
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Billiards at Half-Past Nine Heinrich Böll Patrick Bowles B ll s well known opposition to fascism and war informs this moving story of a single day in the life of traumatized soldier Robert Faehmel, scion of a family of successful Cologne architects, as he struggles to return to ordinary life after the Second World War An encounter with a war time nemesis, now a power in the reconstruction of Germany, forces him to confront priB ll s well known opposition to fascism and war informs this moving story of a single day in the life of traumatized soldier Robert Faehmel, scion of a family of successful Cologne architects, as he struggles to return to ordinary life after the Second World War An encounter with a war time nemesis, now a power in the reconstruction of Germany, forces him to confront private memories and the wounds of Germany s defeat in the two World Wars.. Billiards at Half Past Nine B ll s well known opposition to fascism and war informs this moving story of a single day in the life of traumatized soldier Robert Faehmel scion of a family of successful Cologne architects as he s
  • Title: Billiards at Half-Past Nine
  • Author: Heinrich Böll Patrick Bowles
  • ISBN: 9781935554189
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Billiards at Half-Past Nine Heinrich Böll Patrick Bowles

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      498 Heinrich Böll Patrick Bowles
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    1. Steve says:

      Heinrich B ll with his eternal cigarette Sometimes the Swedish Academy does get things right, and one of these times was the award of the Nobel Prize in 1972 to Heinrich B ll 1917 1985 , the year after he published the excellent Gruppenbild mit Dame though probably my favorite is Ansichten eines Clowns, whence the above quote is taken I have just re read one of his better early novels, Billard um halbzehn 1959 , and am once again seduced by the many fine qualities of his prose.Though those of my [...]

    2. Jennifer says:

      Some of the most beautiful writing ever in this book Don t encourage the frozen memory to thaw such frost flowers would only turn into dull dirty water and run down the pane Evoke nothing, never expect to bring back childhood s austerity of feeling in adult souls grown soft Memory can be messy What a father remembers may look completely different from how a son remembers it This is especially true with a war thrown into the mix because suddenly the world stands on it s head and spins backwards e [...]

    3. Miss Ravi says:


    4. Hadrian says:

      Red green, white green, from the billiard balls new figurations emerged like so many signals Then were swiftly scattered Leaving naught behind Music with no melody, painting without likeness, quadrilaterals, rectangles, rhombs, endlessly multiplied Clicking billiard balls caroming from green cushions.This is a wandering meditation in post war Germany, through ruined abbeys and thought pleadings of and for the dead It is wry and humorous at times, but a deeply sensitive book It is about families [...]

    5. AC says:

      This is a wonderful, wonderful book and it has made me a fan of B ll the writing is lovely, humane, a spirit of dignity I found the ending somewhat less satisfying, as there were too many loose threads, and so the missing star But this remains a wonderful read, and the discovery for me of a magnificent voice.

    6. Jeff says:

      It has been almost a month and seems much longer since i finished reading this book It has been sitting next to this keyboard ever since I haven t discussed it with friends I haven t been tempted to share my thoughts in any way That s about as tepid a 4 star assessment as possible 1 of all 1s completely disregard any blurbs to the effect of The interruption of this routine by an old schoolmate and former Nazi who has become a power in German reconstruction triggers a conflict both absorbing and [...]

    7. Mary says:

      I almost missed an ultimately great experience with this book because the first pages did not seem to be repaying the effort Unnecessarily esoteric, I thought.But I gave it a rest, then plunged into the middle and, as in other cases, it became easy to like and impossible not to care about It s a marvelous novel.

    8. Michelle Curie says:

      There is seduction in Heinrich B ll s writing His words suck you in, diving into his stories feels like a spiderweb that s slowly wrapping you up It s difficult to read, hard to stay on top of and at the same time absolutely impossible to put down B ll was one of Germany s most relevant post World War II writers, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972 It s impossible to approach his work today without this in mind, but back when his fourth novel, Billard um halb zehn was publishe [...]

    9. Mike says:

      The specter of fascism doesn t merely disappear when the threat is defeated It lingers for generations, with much of the psychological effects becoming manifest only years after the violence has ended Heinrich B ll s novel is about three generations of German architects who struggle with the impact of two World Wars and Nazi oppression Their friendships, families, and psyches are shattered, and the fragmented narrative of the novel reflects this reality, where memories are always ever present, l [...]

    10. Steve says:

      A very hard book to rate and at times read , but in the end I felt that Billiards at Half Past Nine promised, or suggested, than it could ever deliver I have no idea whether Boll had admired or read Faulkner, but Billiards, both structurally, with its constantly changing voices, and thematically National Sin , certainly reminded me of Absalom, Abasalom But Faulkner hit a home run with his novel one the greatest in American Literature , and Boll, with his attempt to reconcile the past with the p [...]

    11. Rob Atkinson says:

      This novel is one of the quintessential works of 20th C German Literature, dealing as it does with the haunted legacy of Nazism, Germany s collective guilt in the post war years, and the burden of memory, as reflected in the account of one German family, the Faehmels Their history unfolds through the reminiscences of three generations, Grandfather, Father, and Son, all architects by trade it eventually goes back as far as the old man s arrival in Cologne in 1907 and ends with the single, fateful [...]

    12. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly says:

      Three generations of Germans, two world wars, a lot of deaths, destruction and guilt in between That s a good way of summarizing this book.Central character is Robert Faehmel Strongly antiwar, hated the guts of Germany s militaristic leaders during both world wars yet, due to circumstances of self preservation, became a commander of retreating German forces mainly due to his expertise in blowing things up during the waning days of the second war and was responsible for the senseless demolition o [...]

    13. Maria says:

      Ongeveer een half jaar geleden heb ik dit boek gelezen er is dus helaas wel het nodige weggezakt in m n herinnering Maar wilde er graag toch nog wat over plaatsen Het is zeker geen gemakkelijk boek en ik had bijna het bijltje erbij neergegooid Het ontvouwt zich langzaam voor je en als je klaar bent, zou je zo weer opnieuw kunnen beginnen En voor een goed begrip zou dat wellicht heel goed zijn De dramatische gebeurtenissen betreffen drie generaties F hmel allen architect maar spelen zich allemaal [...]

    14. Ahmad Sharabiani says:

      466 Billiards At Half Past Nine, Heinrich B ll

    15. Mehrdad Mb says:

      1958 .

    16. Arukiyomi says:

      This was an interesting novel to pick up a few days after finishing Cat and Mouse by G nter Grass There are a lot of parallels in the prose of Grass and B ll Both feature narrators who are less than reliable, there is a complex chronology in both, and both cover the period of WW2 and or its aftermath from a Germanic perspective.But B ll s work is definitely the complex in terms of its storytelling if not its imagery Set over three generations of architects and told from the perspective of over [...]

    17. Jeremy says:

      Why letters Faehmel had said, we don t want to collect confessions here, do we And B ll s story is a fantastic collection of different confessions from different people to different people, including themselves It is stylistically both playful and challenging Sometimes, you get the impression that the characters are standing on a stage, and the light goes on one of them, and they speak to themselves, or to the others but the ones in the dark don t speak back, the one in the light speaks for them [...]

    18. Bob says:

      While it is tempting to generalize about all mid 20 century German writers struggling with their national disaster, I ll just note that much of B ll s first decade as a writer is focused on the Nazi rise to power and WWII not until the political upheavals of the 70s does he firmly land on new ground From a pacifist family and having refused to join the Hitler Youth, B ll was nonetheless conscripted and saw war both at its most gruesome and as one alienated from the unifying ideology This novel w [...]

    19. Pascale says:

      Geen vlot leesbaar boek, maar hoe mooi De wijze waarop B ll de tijd beschrijft, gewoonweg meesterlijk Beslist een aanrader.

    20. Laurence says:

      Krachtige thematiek, bijzonder mooie taal, knap geconstrueerd Het boek leest als een stroom waarin je je moet laten meeslepen meesleuren Een stroom waarbij je constant wisselt tussen personages en tijdstippen Want ja, een mooi boek is dit zeker.En toch heb ik met twee dingen moeite Dit boek is ontzettend lastig om te lezen Ik ga een uitdagend boek niet uit de weg, maar op het einde moet ik wel het gevoel hebben dat het de moeite waard geweest is Hier had ik het gevoel OK, ik snap nu het verhaal [...]

    21. Andrew says:

      This is one of my first forays and perhaps, come to think of it, my very first into postwar German literature Through use of flashbacks, B ll sets up this very retrospective but entirely non nostalgic sensibility, using a time of peace and prosperity as a highly effective counterpoint to a time of war and political extremism Throughout, B ll utilizes a cool, languid tone This gives the novel a certain Brechtianism, encouraging a critical perspective, albeit one undertoned with a strong sense of [...]

    22. Stacey says:

      It s a perfect book sad but magnificent It makes you think about the way history goes, and about people who are just nothing in the timeline This story teaches us how it s important to know who you are and how it s important to do what you want to do not looking at the society s opinion The history of the country within the history of the family Perfect.

    23. Kate says:

      This is among the best books I have read, and reread, many times Heinrich Boll was a thoughtful, anxious writer, who saw much, and I wonder how much of what he saw and felt he didn t tell this in the face of some very honest, sometimes damning books I just believe there was .

    24. Shokufeh شکوفهKavani کاوانی says:


    25. George says:

      3.5 stars An interesting read I found it difficult to understand what was happening in parts and a couple of times I wasn t sure who the narrator was Throughout the story there are at least nine different narrators and none are introduced However there were a number of times in reading the novel that I was impressed by the writing It s set on 8 September 1958 in Germany, the birthday of 80 year old Dr Faehmel, an architect His son Robert is an architect as is Robert s son, Johanna There are flas [...]

    26. Lena says:

      2008 zum ersten Mal gelesen, in einer bersetzung, und jetzt zum zweiten, diesmal in der Originalausgabe Schon damals war ich von der Sprache hingerissen flie end, wie ein Gedicht, schmerzend, wie eine Beichte, unendliche Passagen, die einen in die Wirbel der Zeit hineinsaugen Es ist eine Geschichte ber Menschen, die mit der Zeit in der sie lebten keine Vers hnung finden, Menschen, die ohne viel zu bereden und Fragen zu stellen, einfach weiterleben und deren innigen Gewissensstimme gehorchen Das [...]

    27. Beatlezu says:

      Maravilloso Este libro me sali muy pero muy barato y despu s de terminarlo, lo siento como un tesoro La prosa de este escritor es nueva para mi, muy hermosa Compr este libro creyendo que era novela negra o de gansters no se porqu , ve t a saber y lo empec a leer sin saber nada, sin expectativas, sin investigar siquiera un poquito Cuando iba a mitad de camino me preguntaba d nde est la mafia porqu hablan de guerra y que tiene que ver una familia de arquitectos en todo esto XD en vez de abandonarl [...]

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