Mem Fox Judy Horacek
Where Is the Green Sheep? (Horn Book Fanfare List (Awards))
May 10, 2020 Comments.. 455
Where Is the Green Sheep? (Horn Book Fanfare List (Awards)) Mem Fox Judy Horacek Where Is the Green Sheep Horn Book Fanfare List Awards. Where Is the Green Sheep Horn Book Fanfare List Awards Where Is the Green Sheep Horn Book Fanfare List Awards
  • Title: Where Is the Green Sheep? (Horn Book Fanfare List (Awards))
  • Author: Mem Fox Judy Horacek
  • ISBN: 9780152049072
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Where Is the Green Sheep? (Horn Book Fanfare List (Awards)) Mem Fox Judy Horacek

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    1. Suzanne says:

      This is just the right amount of rhyme and story for my youngest family member Not too hard for him to grasp he doesn t sit still for long, ever and the illustrations are eye catching as well, this is so important at his age if I m to have any smidgen of success in engaging him with reading I read this before bed last night, and there were a couple of funny comments from Indy that I m disappointed I did not take note of I ll read it again tomorrow to see if I can recreate the funny The sheep are [...]

    2. Kelly says:

      When you re an adult, a read through of this book might seem boring and pointless You re looking for a green sheep you ve never seen the green sheep before He s not even on the cover Why should you care All these other sheep in here doing lots of things that sheep you ve seen before never do Distractions Where is the bloody green sheep Why is this book so popular Just add a toddler Get them to read it to you This THIS is where this book becomes an instant all time favourite Where is the greeeeee [...]

    3. Rossy says:

      Near sheep is so cute But I wonder, why are we looking for the green sheep Is something happening This is a mystery book

    4. Kaethe says:

      1 1 2004I dearly love Fox s work, but this one came too late to grab us we were already past sleepy time books before we ever saw it 888 I like sheep in real life , as well as in this book These are some unspeakably cute sheep.Library copy I once had a pet lamb, named Kersey She had croup, and her mother wouldn t look after her, so I took her home and fed her from a bottle, and made her a croup tent, and then, when she recovered, she spent her days in the back yard playing with the dog When I we [...]

    5. Maxwell Rae says:

      Where is that pesky green sheep I liked the pictures in this book, they were nice and bright though some of the rhymes were a tongue twister for mummy.

    6. April Thompson says:

      Of all the sheep, I m definitely the bed sheep.

    7. Andy says:

      I got this for my 1 yr old who has shown far less interest in books than his big brother did We were off on holiday and I felt he needed something for the flight Turns out we ve just been giving him the wrong books He loves it, points and grunts at it, says book at bed time, naps and whenever else he sees it He likes pointing at the sheep and especially loves the near sheep page We read Goodnight Moon every night for 8 bloody months to my oldest but I m finding this far enjoyable.The rhyming is [...]

    8. Julie says:

      Our Library bought the big book version to use for story times It was on the new materials truck that I processed yesterday Of all the books on the truck, this one caught my attention Indeed, so much so that I ended up reading it out loud to my work colleagues at the Circulation Desk We truly got into the spirit of the book which encourages interaction The Desk resounded with, Where is the green sheep until he was discovered at the end of the tale The illustrations are just lovely I need to own [...]

    9. Dianna says:

      The Mem Fox I read, the I appreciate her talent This book is no exception She really knows how to write for children Every time the text asked, But where is the green sheep my son answered I always forget how much he likes to be involved in things, but Mem Fox doesn t forget.

    10. Julie says:

      I love the pen and watercolor illustrations of the sheep, who have such whimsical, joyous expressions The story conveys lots of concepts for young readers colors, opposites the up sheep and the down sheep being blasted from a circus cannon , and rhymes also at the circus, the band sheep, playing 4 instruments at once, and the juggling clown sheep But where is that elusive green sheep Children and adults will race to the end to find out A School Library Journal Top 100 picture book.

    11. Kimberly says:

      I am very fond of this book Used for the Under Three Jamboree at work, and many many readings on the living room floor with my kiddo This one is a keeper

    12. Sarah Sammis says:

      Where Is the Green Sheep is picture book by Australian author Mem Fox The last book of hers I read was Possum Magic when I was a new Mom and a new member of BookCrossing It was part of a bookring In the years between I d pretty much forgotten about her books until a number of random sources recommended Where is the Green Sheep to me and my children.On numerous recommendations I checked out a copy of Where is the Green Sheep from our library Sean read it to himself and I read it to Harriet Sean f [...]

    13. Heidi-Marie says:

      An excellent book for a younger age storytime You can change the voice to go along with the different kinds of sheep And the progressive part of the book of looking for the green sheep would keep attention A good book for beginning readers, too Large text Not too much of it Using a lot of the same words Fun pictures and not too detailed Goes along with the text And it even works well for a going to sleep book as it winds down to that kind of ending as long as the reader reads it that way I wonde [...]

    14. Brian Lofton says:

      This is a terrific book, which introduces the reader to different colored sheep involved in different catchy activities Every couple pages after observing the other sheep we are asked, But where is the green sheep It isn t until the end of the book that we find There she is she s fast asleep With lovely rhymes and lovely images, this one is guaranteed to put you and baby into a peaceful, and hopefully nap ready mood Definitely worth owning.

    15. Libby says:

      I seriously know this book off by heart, my beautiful daughter, who also happens to have autism, is a stickler for routine and we read this book every night before bed It has helped her to learn opposites and colors and was one of the first books that she was ever interested in actually hearing me read as opposed to just turning the pages and pointing to the pictures Thank you Mem Fox

    16. Anna Johnson says:

      I use this book as a focus on repetitive reading After the story line Where is the green sheep we incorporate a story line for the children to repeat, I don t know The book is also a good use for teaching opposites with illustrations that feature the sheep and catchy lines EX Here is the wide sheep and here is the thin sheep.

    17. Jody says:

      Read ad nauseum to my sweet girl when she was around two, and we never got tired of it It probably doesn t hurt that I love sheep But it s quirky adorable and we both love it.

    18. Leo says:

      Great story about the green sheep that was sleeping I translated it to Spanish donde esta la oveja verde and used it on my bilingual storytime.

    19. Vorbis says:

      They released an edition of this that comes with an actual green fluffy sheep who is possibly the most adorable thing I have ever stolen off a three year old.

    20. Mairead says:

      Gift from Hanna, Georgia, and Alex Delightful PS teambathsheep and or teamrainsheep.

    21. Suzanne says:

      A fun read aloud, although it gets kinda hard to keep saying sheep I wondered throughout Am I being tricked into cursing like Fox in Socks but there were no vocabulary malfunctions.

    22. Angela Maher says:

      This is one of my toddler s favourite books Cute illustrations of all sorts of sheep, and some good rhyming and rhythm of words.

    23. Claire Waldron-Gross says:

      This has been a hit at my preschool and toddler visits The rhyme kind of gets lost because each page is an opportunity to ask the children to identify something in the illustration Once we ve done that, I read the line After each quartet of this is the ___ sheep, I ask them what sheep we re looking for They answer, and then we all say the repeated line together Where is the green sheep There s a lot to notice on each page, but at the same time it s simple enough to work with younger groups There [...]

    24. Angela says:

      I used this one at toddler storytime today It didn t get as great a reaction as I hoped, but that s probably due to the age of the audience than a fault with the book itself I tried to get the kids to repeat, Where is the green sheep every time it came up but I think I had parents saying it than kids I think it might just be a little bit too long for 2 and 3 year olds I could tell their attention was starting to wander by the end Oh well, live and learn Maybe I ll try it with the preschoolers [...]

    25. Mama Bibliosoph says:

      Different pairs of complementary sheep blue red, bath bed, swing slide, up down, near far, wide thin, and many are shown in this simple repetitive language book Here is the W sheep, and here is the X sheep Here is the Y sheep And here is the Z sheep But where is the green sheep This structure repeats over and over again until the green sheep is finally found fast asleep on the final page.This is mostly a great opposites vocabulary building book, but I also think of it as a color book because th [...]

    26. David Haberlah says:

      For many Australian children the first book they learn how to read by heart Every page has a sheep performing an action that illustrates a noun or an adjective in a funny and engaging way And the reader keeps on searching or counting sheep until she or he now nearly asleep discovers turn the page quietly let s take a peep A modern classic and Mem Fox s best, in particular thanks to Judy Horacek s illustrations.

    27. E R says:

      This book is very concise and to the point it simply is about the whereabouts of the green sheep In the book, it details all of the other sheep and what they do Tall sheep, small sheep, red sheep, blue sheep The question, where is the green sheep is repeated multiple times throughout the entirety of the story Overall, the story did what it set out to do It did not truly have a plot but since the audience is presumably very young, the plot is fun and enjoyable.

    28. Katie says:

      First of all, I love the illustrations that complement the story, especially moon sheep and star sheep.There s a bit of mystery for the littlies where is that green sheep, will we ever know A good book for promoting questioning and curiosity of the little minds Absolutely love Mem Fox she is fantastic and this book is clever and cute.

    29. Oanh says:

      We both enjoy this one, but Baby is onto the story and every time I read out Where is the green sheep , she flips to the last page and looks up at me as if to say, Here he is, Mother He s been here all along.

    30. Brittany Hart says:

      Where is the green sheep All other sorts of sheep are hanging around, but the green sheep is nowhere to be found This was a cute book, and the reveal was adorable I would use this in the classroom when talking about characteristics such as colors and shapes.

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