Fyodor Dostoyevsky Emanuela Guercetti
Memorie dal sottosuolo
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Memorie dal sottosuolo Fyodor Dostoyevsky Emanuela Guercetti A quarant anni Fedor Dostoevskij uscito da poco da una serie di vicende drammatiche la militanza socialista, la condanna a morte commutata all ultimo momento, la deportazione siberiana e, pur praticando un intensa attivit giornalistica, sta ancora cercando la sua strada Memorie dal sottosuolo 1864 il libro che annuncia i capolavori della maturit Con i suoi trA quarant anni Fedor Dostoevskij uscito da poco da una serie di vicende drammatiche la militanza socialista, la condanna a morte commutata all ultimo momento, la deportazione siberiana e, pur praticando un intensa attivit giornalistica, sta ancora cercando la sua strada Memorie dal sottosuolo 1864 il libro che annuncia i capolavori della maturit Con i suoi tratti autobiografici, il protagonista delle memorie un uomo timido, senza risorse e protezioni, che la brutalit della vita sociale respinge nel sottosuolo, e a cui non resta che cercare uno sfogo provvisorio tormentando chi sta ancora pi in basso di lui Liza, misera prostituta alle prime armi, incontrata in una sera di neve bagnata.. Memorie dal sottosuolo A quarant anni Fedor Dostoevskij uscito da poco da una serie di vicende drammatiche la militanza socialista la condanna a morte commutata all ultimo momento la deportazione siberiana e pur pratican
  • Title: Memorie dal sottosuolo
  • Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky Emanuela Guercetti
  • ISBN: 9788811364733
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Memorie dal sottosuolo Fyodor Dostoyevsky Emanuela Guercetti

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    1. karen says:

      oh, dear this is not a character that it is healthy to relate to, is it he is a scootch pathetic than me, and articulate, but his pettinesses are mine his misanthropy is mine, his contradictions and weaknesses i have to go hide now, i feel dirty and exposed

    2. Nate D says:

      1 Irritated by Underground Man.2 Amused by Underground Man.3 Sick of Underground Man.4 Want to fly to St Petersburg, travel back in time, and punch Underground Man right in the face.5 Pity for Underground Man.6 Horrified by Underground Man.7 Further reading of Underground Man s monologue almost physically painful I almost wanted to cover my eyes, but this would have posed problems for reading.8 Glad to be free of the Underground Man, but glad to have known him, in the end.

    3. Ben says:

      More than anything, this book should make you think And not about trivial shit either, but about big, important conditions of life and how best to view and react to them I have should italicized in that first sentence for a reason If you don t give yourself time to think if just skim through the book quickly then you won t get anything out of it.It s narrated by a guy living underground, in poverty You are reading his notes The first half, his ramblings, thoughts and philosophies of life, via mo [...]

    4. Nataliya says:

      Imagine 19th century Russian literature as a loud boisterous party Here s Pushkin, basking in the center of attention, charming up all the ladies Here are Chekhov and Gogol at the heart of a passionate intellectual argument Here s Count Tolstoy, busily serving canap s while rejoicing in the pleasure of work, stopping only to chat about the pleasures of countryside with Turgenev But where s Dostoyevsky Oh, there he is, sitting by himself in a dark corner, dead broke after a high stakes cards game [...]

    5. Lisa says:

      Bravo, Dostoyevsky This is the perfect, absolutely accurate and universal portrait of the insecure, self conscious egomaniac pitiful and dangerous, on a negative quixotic rampage against himself, society and the laws of nature he despises but cannot change There are so many of these angry men and women , and they don t speak from the underground any With modern technology, they have conquered the virtual world, spewing out their self pity and hatred in long, inconsistent, frustrated tirades, con [...]

    6. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum says:

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    7. mark monday says:

      so I came across this guy at a party that I had known in college, many years ago I remembered him clearly that brilliant, pretentious guy with his stories and his sarcasm and his nihilism our classmates mocked him and so did I, but I enjoyed him too he was a funny fellow, entirely self absorbed, smart and well read and amusingly melodramatic in his comments about the world and his life he wore his pathos blatantly, like some kind of robe or badge or shield I always thought that was brave of him, [...]

    8. Sherif Metwaly says:


    9. Glenn Russell says:

      Dostoevsky leads us into the deepest recesses of human consciousness, a mire of stinky sewers, feted pits and foul smelling rat holes novel as existential torment and alienation Do you envision a utopia founded on the principals of love and universal brotherhood If so, beware the underground man And what is it about the underground Well, ladies and gentlemen, here are several quotes from the text with my comments I would now like to tell you, gentlemen, whether you do or do not wish to hear it, [...]

    10. Garima says:

      Shall the world go to hell, or shall I not have my tea I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.Thus Spoke DostoevskyThere were many things for me to get excited about after finishing this novella It s a trap but the first and an essentially timeworn image which appeared in my mind was that of a small child, sitting in a corner after being rebuked by an elder for giving little or no thought about the world with its countless complexities and contradictions around her Now, [...]

    11. Salma says:

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    12. MohammedAli says:


    13. B. Han Varli says:

      a k ilk defa ya amak gibi, denizi ilk defa g rmek gibi, dostoyevski yi ke fetmek de insan n hayat nda nemli bir tarihtirher yeni ba lad m kitapta daha iyi anl yorum ben borges in ne demek istedi ini.y zlerce hikaye ile tan t m, ba ka ba ka ger ekliklerin ve kurgular n i erisine dahil oldum, ama hi bir yazar ile, evet hi biri ile dostoyevski ile aramda kurdu um ba kadar kuvvetli bir ba kuramad m onu okurken zihnimde i lemeye ba layan mekanizma kadar zel bir prati i hi kimse ile sa layamad m.ya do [...]

    14. Paul Bryant says:

      Literary Characters React to Notes from the UndergroundEeyoreThis Accounts for a Good Deal It Explains Everything In Life, you see, we can t all, and some of us don t Gaiety Song and dance Here we go round the mulberry bush This book is telling everybody We can look for the North Pole, or we can play Here we go gathering Nuts in May with the end part of an ants nest It s all the same to me Amusing in a quiet way, but not really helpful.PigletHelp, help A hexistentialist A horrible hexistentialis [...]

    15. Ahmed Oraby says:


    16. فرشاد says:


    17. Ahmad Sharabiani says:

      871 Zapiski iz podpol ia Notes from the Underground, Fyodor Dostoevsky 1972 1333 235 45 1343 19 1369 223 1387 223 9789642575305 1379 6 200 1386 1388 1392 9789644452598 1391 152 9786009299812 1394 546 9786001217760

    18. Rowena says:

      Never be fooled by book size when it comes to Dostoevsky This novella was just under 100 pages long so I figured it would take me just a couple of hours to read I was obviously wrong but I enjoyed the read The prose is extremely dense so I had to read it slower than I read other books The protagonist was fascinating peculiar, even and I enjoyed reading his introspective thoughts about different issues I will definitely be re reading this one.

    19. MJ Nicholls says:

      New we ve all grown unaccustomed to life, we re all lame, each of us or less We ve even grown so unaccustomed that at times we feel a sort of loathing for real living life, and therefore cannot bear to be reminded of it For we ve reached a point where we regard real living life almost as labor, almost as service, and we all agree in ourselves that it s better from a book And why do we sometimes fuss about, why these caprices, these demands of ours We ourselves don t know why It would be the wo [...]

    20. Taghreed Jamal el deen says:

    21. هَنَـــاءْ says:


    22. Arnie says:

      When I read it at the height of my existential angst college days, I felt I had never identified with a character so strongly I don t underline books, this might be the only one, I underlined about 90% of it.

    23. Lyn says:

      I first met the Russian on the loading docks Filling trailers with freight out in the weather, in the humid heat and then again in the freezing cold was not a career, not a job anyone especially wanted, it was a job to fill in the gaps, work that paid a wage and filled a need as necessary as the empty trailers that backed into the dock one after the other.I had seen him in the break room, out on the picnic tables always alone He scribbled incessantly in an old thesis book, would pause long momen [...]

    24. Shivam Chaturvedi says:

      You see, this man Dostoyevsky calls you witness to a killing, a killing that he himself intends to perform You are apprehensive, frightened even, but you walk in nevertheless There in front of you lies this despondent figure of a man whom this convener intends to slaughter Settled in rather uncomfortably, you prepare for the death blow to fall But it doesn t the victim is not shown the mercy of an easy execution.Instead Dostoyevsky strangles him, squeezes the very life out of him And he does it [...]

    25. Davide says:

      Aver coscienza di troppe cose una malattia, una vera e propria malattia.Nel 1864, quando questi Ricordi compaiono sulla rivista Epocha , Dostoevskij aveva gi 43 anni, eppure ci sembra di leggere un testo giovanile, che ha qualcosa della prova generale in confronto ai grandi romanzi polifonici che verranno Qui, per il momento, di voce ce n una sola la continua, opprimente voce della coscienza, abietta e esibizionista al tempo stesso, di un uomo senza nome, che si dispone ad esprimere ci che persi [...]

    26. Hoda Elsayed says:


    27. Nikos Tsentemeidis says:

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