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Le parole segrete
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Le parole segrete Joanne Harris Laura Grandi Nel villaggio di Malbry non facile essere giovani e coltivare i propri sogni Le regole e la disciplina la fanno da padroni i giochi e gli incantesimi sono stati proibiti Eppure Maddy non ha mai smesso di credere nel potere dei sogni e della magia Lei diversa da tutti ribelle, curiosa, testarda, e sulla mano ha il marchio di una runa Per molti si tratta di un seNel villaggio di Malbry non facile essere giovani e coltivare i propri sogni Le regole e la disciplina la fanno da padroni i giochi e gli incantesimi sono stati proibiti Eppure Maddy non ha mai smesso di credere nel potere dei sogni e della magia Lei diversa da tutti ribelle, curiosa, testarda, e sulla mano ha il marchio di una runa Per molti si tratta di un segno maledetto, ma non per il Guercio, il misterioso straniero che racconta storie affascinanti, l unico amico di Maddy lui a svelarle il misterioso linguaggio delle rune e a introdurla in quell universo proibito e vietato dove sono nascosti la conoscenza e il segreto delle sue origini Mentre il futuro inciso sulla sua mano si avvicina giorno dopo giorno, una terribile catastrofe minaccia di distruggere per sempre quel mondo perduto Maddy l unica in grado di salvarlo sar un avventura appassionante e un percorso di crescita, dall innocenza perduta alla consapevolezza del proprio destino, oltre le cupe regole dell Ordine Con Le parole segrete Joanne Harris continua a esplorare la realt fantastica che l ha fatta amare da milioni di lettori, fondendo le atmosfere di Chocolat con le antiche mitologie, a cominciare da quelle nordiche, dominate da Odino e Thor.. Le parole segrete Nel villaggio di Malbry non facile essere giovani e coltivare i propri sogni Le regole e la disciplina la fanno da padroni i giochi e gli incantesimi sono stati proibiti Eppure Maddy non ha mai smesso
  • Title: Le parole segrete
  • Author: Joanne Harris Laura Grandi
  • ISBN: 9788811685890
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Le parole segrete Joanne Harris Laura Grandi

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    1. Paromjit says:

      This is a dense and sprawling satire that draws on Norse mythology and folklore on which the author has certainly done her research She re imagines the Norse gods and on occasion subverts them Maddy Smith is the young heroine shunned by family and community She was born with a new runemark on her hand denoting the gods In her world, magic is perceived to be dangerous and banned But here s the thing, Maddy likes doing magic.rticularly when it comes to some troublesome goblins Maddy s only friend [...]

    2. Kristalia says:

      Final rating 4.25 5 starsFinal rating for the whole series 3.5 5 starsI have read this book first in 2011 Back then I did not even theorize this could get a sequel But ithas And I am glad for it This book can be seen as stand alone book but there were some loose ends for which I didn t give this book five stars Neither will I this time, but in any case, it deserves to be 4.25 And, damn I forgot how much this book was fun and enjoyable to read I usually don t change the date read to the newer one [...]

    3. Ivan says:

      Looking for something lighthearted to clear your head between longer and complex series Why notZoidberg Runemarks Rating could have been lowered but this was fast and fun read and it was perfect counterweight to complex Malazan series that was reading along side it so i m going to give it 4 stars It s YA fantasy but it s inspired by older heroic fantasy with than modern YA genre Distinctive writing style that flows easily and setting heavily inspired by Norse mythology contribute to high ratin [...]

    4. Emma says:

      3.5 starsThe Nordic mythical foundations of this book were well utilised, conforming to known stories in parts and freely reimagined in others The initial part of the book was especially well done though it begins with the usual young protagonist coming into their powers, the runemarks and character of Maddy Smith gave it a real freshness and appeal.However, the book felt stretched, pushed well past the moment when all the reader s attention is firmly focused By the time of the big battle conclu [...]

    5. Julie says:

      This was a really fun way to spend some reading hours It s YA Fantasy, which I wouldn t normally read, but Harris s style proved too seductive for me She laid out a trail of breadcrumbs from the first paragraph and before I knew it I was deep inside the mountain, and the story Caught, and mesmerized, there was no way out, but through it I will admit to one or two brain spasms along the way as I tried to make sense of the complex Norse mythology, with which Harris deviates from the conventional s [...]

    6. Alethea A says:

      I loved the movie Chocolat and I read a bit of Jigs and Reels, but nothing has hooked me on Joanne Harris as much as this She started it as a story for her daughter, years later it is a fantastic tale of magic and adventure for all ages The mythology is Norse, a nice break from the Greek gods if you ve been devouring Rick Riordan s Olympians So soon after reading Michael Scott s The Alchemyst, it s neat to come across references to Yggdrasil, the World Tree And if, like me, you love keeping tra [...]

    7. Jane says:

      My main complaint about Runemarks was the complexity The narrative was far too extensive and unfocused I don t know much about Norse mythology, so I found myself frequently frustrated with the intricate and complicated Norse histories I usually prefer being eased into a new world where I m given time to absorb the characters personalities and different politics, etc It wasn t my taste.YABC May 2008

    8. Helen says:

      I made one big pause while reading, so my thoughts are not 100% coherent I also don t have time for a detailed review right now I ll just say what made me decide on five rather than four YA WITH FEMALE PROTAGONIST BUT NO ROMANCE No, no potential love interests introduced either Despite target audience, it is much less Bleached Underpants than many other interpretations of Norse Mythology Also, no BlackWhite here The recommendation mentioned shenanigans , but it s not as much about shenanigans as [...]

    9. Kyriaki says:

      10 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 5 , , 2 2 , Runemarks 2 .

    10. Lyn Elliott says:

      Joanne Harris has written a fast moving story with a young heroine, 14 at the time of the dramatic action, set 500 years after Ragnorok in a world that derives from Norse myth.I ve read dozens of books of myth and folktale over the years, as well as books that draw inspiration from the originals, and Harris s creation is fresh and satisfying.

    11. Abigail H. Leskey says:

      Characters MADDY is an excellent heroine She s not too perfect, but well meaning, brave, daring, and affectionate without mush She s not fluffy or weepy and she doesn t have an attitude If in the one part she s momentarily whiny it s understandable and she stops very soon And can she throw a mind bolt ONE EYE, Odin, is a puzzle to Maddy Her friend, mentor but is he only utilizing her LOKI unpredictable Charming scarred a rogue snarky to the limit, with a dark past If you asked him if he cared ab [...]

    12. Kristen says:

      Imagine that Ragnarok happened, Asgard fell, and in the aftermath the survivors stumbled blindly forward to build a new world on the ashes of the old Imagine, also, that the ancient runes have power for those that are born marked with them Five hundred years after the end, much of the world is dominated by the Order, which has done its best to eradicate rune magic and magical creatures of all kinds with a thoroughness comparable to the Inquisition at its worst But on the far side of the mountain [...]

    13. Saleh MoonWalker says:

      Onvan Runemarks Runemarks, 1 Nevisande Joanne Harris ISBN 385611307 ISBN13 9780385611305 Dar 528 Safhe Saal e Chap 2007

    14. An says:

      supermooie cover en leuk verhaal een dosis Loki kan nooit kwaad

    15. Mels Ht says:

      I have mixed feelings about this book I guess I ll start with the positive things about it First off, it s well written, the Norse mythology is accurate and it has quite an imaginative adventure ButThere were so many things happening all at once that I failed to get a firm grip on the story and digest it thoroughly It felt like too much information for a single book it could have easily been two books Therefore, I did not feel I got to know the characters and process the story in a deeper level [...]

    16. RachelOf Questionable Luck says:

      AWESOME I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK, DO YOU HEAR ME AWESOME Runemarks is based on Norse Mythology, and the witty and surprisingly colorful cast of characters includes many Norse Gods including Loki the Trickster, Odin the All Father, and Thor the Thunderer , several hilarious goblins my favorite of which was named Sugar Sacke , and quite a few persnickety, clever, and downright serendipitous humans including Nat Parson, his wife Ethelberta who is not all she seems, and the uptight Mrs Scattergo [...]

    17. Joseph Leskey says:

      Review of second read through of Runemarks Now this book is so complicated, that first off, you may wish to know that this will be a rather complicated review actually, this is probably false it could be a very boring and rushed review Sometimes, I overreact to complications, therefore, this review may unintentionally be a manifestation of Chaos nearly definitely Secondly, I liked it the book Runemarks better the second time I read it Thirdly, I liked it a great deal the first time, but somethin [...]

    18. Stephanie - Adventures Thru Wonderland says:

      So, so, so good I have always been big on Norse mythology, but have never really read many books about it When I found this series, I couldn t wait to get started I was hesitant at first, since my library only had it on audiobook, but now I m SO glad it ended up that way This is the first audiobook I finished, and it was much better than the first one I tried I loved the narrator s voice, and she did an amazing job with the characters and I could easily picture the character s faces based on the [...]

    19. Yana says:

      Joanne Harris well, it was a love at first word with her and has been so ever since I have NEVER read a book by her and felt disappointment, regret or mixed feelings She is a unique human being that has been blessed with the magic of writing and brings joy to the world with ther storytelling.This is Joanne Harris s first novel for young adults Its the story of maddy Smith a fourteen year old girl who lives in the distant future in a world entirely different to ours Maddie is born with a mysterio [...]

    20. Jason says:

      Review for Parents by Strict Christian Parent contains spoilers I thought this book was subtly devious and subversive I regretted allowing my 12 year old son read it And the ending wasn t very good.I read this book because my son read it, and I wanted to see what it contained You can get a summary on your own, so I ll just explain what I didn t like.The fantasy novel has as antagonists a group of people that are modeled after the Christian religion that are amorally evil, and who derive their po [...]

    21. Cassandra says:

      This was a pretty good book Not amazing, but not half bad either the kind of rollicking adventure, with themes of self esteem and rebellion against intolerant, controlling leadership, that seems to have taken the world of young adult literature by storm I had already fallen in love with the subtle overtones of fairy tale in Chocolat, so when I discovered this, Joanne Harris first excursion into YA fantasy lit, I picked it up and devoured it eagerly To say that I was disappointed with the book wo [...]

    22. Hilary says:

      We re all familiar with the author who lives in denial of their genre writing It doesn t have spaceships in, so it can t be science fiction Joanne Harris is somewhat the opposite for years she s been slyly slipping fantastic elements into her otherwise resolutely mainstream fiction and getting away with it Here she goes for all out fantasy, and it s a sad reflection on the publishing world today that in order to do so she s had to have it marketed as YA This is a lovely book a joyous, irreverent [...]

    23. Edward's Ghost Engine (also known as.......... Jinky Spring) says:

      I know its been a long time since I read this or at least tried to but as this is about Norse mythology I found the perfect meme Let me start off this review by saying I m a huge fan of all kinds of mythology from all over the world and with all the YA mythology books these days being about Greek mythology I wanted to try something different But I ve got to admit that right from the start the writing was dull and I knew this book and I weren t really going to get on Seriously though there is pra [...]

    24. Nikki says:

      Reread this really quickly to refresh my memory on the plot before I read Runelight Still enjoyable, although it s kinda lacking in Joanne Harris usual precise plotting this time through, I felt like she made it a bit too convoluted, a bit too I don t know I wasn t so impressed by the plotting in The Lollipop Shoes and Peaches for Monsieur le Cur , likewise with this on a second read.Still fun, though, like I said, and even if you know your Norse myth and think you know how it s going to turn ou [...]

    25. Arol Jahns says:

      I am not a huge fan of the young adult fantasy genre, but I read Runemarks because of it s connection to Norse mythology I m 1 2 Norwegian and I was blown away by Joanne Harris ability to tell an epic story of good versus evil with such wit and dedication to crafting such amazing and interesting characters.I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys films like Lord of the Rings and The Narnia Chronicles , but doesn t typically read the source material Runemarks creates such a vivid world inhab [...]

    26. Jojo says:

      Opini o em breve

    27. PatrĂ­cia says:

      Opini o do blogue Chaise Longue girlinchaiselongueNos primeiros dez anos da sua vida, Joanne refugiou se na leitura, nos dez anos seguintes escreveu hist rias a imitar as dos seus autores preferidos e depois, finalmente, come ou a escrever as suas pr prias hist rias mas houve uma hist ria, escrita durante os seus dezanove anos que a autora acabou por recuperar, uma hist ria inspirada pelo seu amor mitologia n rdica, originalmente chamada Witchlight e que foi recusada pelos editores devido ao seu [...]

    28. Katerina says:

      Sar sincera se non avessi saputo che nel libro sarebbero comparse le divinit nordiche non l avrei letto trovo la quarta di copertina veramente brutta e poco interessante Nessun motivo in particolare, proprio prima impressione a pelle.E un altra cosa nonostante abbia letto ben due recensioni, ero convintissima che si trattasse di un urban fantasy quindi ho passato un certo numero di pagine a chiedermi dove e quando fossimo.La risposta abbastanza semplice sul quando, siamo qualche secolo dopo Ragn [...]

    29. Jessica Draper says:

      Fair to middling fantasy It s nice to see a book based on Norse mythology, but it would ve been nicer if the book had been better Joanne Harris is British, and the tone is extremely British, which is odd with the Norse gods running around as were the occasional anachronisms in the way the characters talked, modern sarcasm and irony Duh that clashed with the medieval old timey setup It also felt like Joanne had written a couple of scenes before she had the entire storyline in mind or had chosen a [...]

    30. Fangs for the Fantasy says:

      I almost didn t read this book to be honest, the cover and the synopsis on the back did little to recommend it Had it not been for the comments on , which gave a greater detail of the story, I never would have read this book If I were Harris, I would have been enraged at the person who wrote the synopsis because it gave no hint of the great story inside Prepare yourself for some serious fanpoodling, you have been warned.From the moment of her birth Maddy Smith had always been an outsider in the [...]

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