Stephen Hunt Alberto Simões
A Corte do Ar
August 23, 2019 Comments.. 107
A Corte do Ar Stephen Hunt Alberto Simões Quando a orf Molly Templar testemunha um assassinato brutal no bordel onde foi colocada como aprendiz, o seu primeiro instinto o de correr de volta para o orfanato onde cresceu Ao chegar e encontrar todos os amigos mortos, apercebe se de que era ela o verdadeiro alvo do ataque pois o sangue de Molly cont m um segredo que a torna um alvo a abater para os inimigos doQuando a orf Molly Templar testemunha um assassinato brutal no bordel onde foi colocada como aprendiz, o seu primeiro instinto o de correr de volta para o orfanato onde cresceu Ao chegar e encontrar todos os amigos mortos, apercebe se de que era ela o verdadeiro alvo do ataque pois o sangue de Molly cont m um segredo que a torna um alvo a abater para os inimigos do Estado.Oliver Brooks levava uma exist ncia tranquila na casa do tio, mas quando acusado da morte do seu nico familiar for ado a fugir para salvar a sua vida, acompanhado por um misterioso agente da Corte do Ar Perseguido pelo pa s, Oliver v se na companhia de ladr es, foras da lei e espi es, e aprende mais sobre o segredo que destruiu a sua vida ent o que Molly e Oliver s o confrontados com uma amea a pr pria civiliza o por um poder antigo que se julgava derrotado h mil nios Os seus inimigos s o implac veis e numerosos, mas os dois rf os ter o a ajuda de um formid vel grupo de amigos nesta aventura cheia de ac o, drama e intriga.. A Corte do Ar Quando a orf Molly Templar testemunha um assassinato brutal no bordel onde foi colocada como aprendiz o seu primeiro instinto o de correr de volta para o orfanato onde cresceu Ao chegar e encontrar t
  • Title: A Corte do Ar
  • Author: Stephen Hunt Alberto Simões
  • ISBN: 9789896372781
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Corte do Ar Stephen Hunt Alberto Simões

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      114 Stephen Hunt Alberto Simões
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    1. Brad says:

      Have you ever been to an orgy They can be fun if you approach them correctly You need to find a small section of the orgy and focus on that spot Think about your pleasure first and don t be tempted into straying from the spot you ve chosen But if you are unable to find your spot, if you are unable to focus your sexual energy in that spot, you are likely to have an overwhelming and, ultimately, unfulfilling experience.You ll see beauty, you ll feel pleasure, you ll probably even have an orgasm, [...]

    2. Dan Schwent says:

      Oliver Brooks, a boy altered by the feymist, has his life turned upside down when his uncle is killed and he s framed for murder Molly Templar escapes murder at the brothel where she was being trained, only to find her orphanage home the scene of a massacre and quickly figures out she was the real target What bonds these two orphans together and what does the mysterious Court of the Air have to do with things Court of the Air was definitely worth my seven bucks It s full of action and twists Ste [...]

    3. Dayna says:

      This was a book with a lot of potential Interesting concept, with some nods to Dr Who, but the author left way too much up to the reader I can t believe I m saying this, but this book needed exposition Slang that was almost indecipherable, barely there descriptions of the characters, people, environment, etc I like to have a good visual image while I read, and this book simply did not provide that How can I enjoy an escape when I can t imagine what anything looks like If the author resubmits th [...]

    4. Brooke says:

      This book has its flaws It s a crazy mass of characters and governments and shadow governments and shadow gods there are so many forces at work throughout these 600 pages that I wished I had an eBook reader with a search function so I could go back and remind myself how it all fit together But it was a hell of a ride, and I found myself reluctant to finish it because I wasn t quite ready to be done with it.Unlike with other sprawling, epic stories, I didn t find myself emotionally attached to an [...]

    5. Chris says:

      Have you ever been stalked by book When I was in Toronto earlier this summer, I swear The Court of the Air was stalking me It was in the first bookstore I entered it had a prominent position at every book store I finally decided to get it once I got home, after all Borders was having a buy four, get one free sale, and I was getting the four Kitty Norville books I didn t have Sadly, despite the stalking and Hunt s very cool website , I didn t like the book In fact, I couldn t even finish it.This [...]

    6. Corvidae says:

      There is really nothing I can add to a review about this book that 90% of these reviews don t already say I am very glad that pretty much everyone else has been as frustrated with this book as I have I literally have been slogging through it for weeks now, barely reading a page at a time before I get bored And considering my reading speed is enough to finish the entire Hyperion quartet in about a week and a half, that is bad Bad bad bad.In fact, I think reading too fast may be part of the proble [...]

    7. Lindsey says:

      After two hundred pages into the book, I just couldn t bring myself to finish it While Stephen Hunt s worldbuilding is very interesting, all of his characters are completely flat Even the two main characters of the book seem just like cookie cutter archetypes Two orphans with a special, mysterious destiny and absolutely zero character flaws Yawn Not only do they not have any flaws, but these orphans don t seem to actually contribute anything useful either They drift around the novel getting into [...]

    8. Woodge says:

      I got to page 172 before deciding against finishing this story The author crams many different ideas into this steampunk fantasy mashup of a tale The two main characters are orphans Molly Templar gets placed by the orphanage into prostitution, but her very first john turns out to be an assassin She escapes but we don t know much about who the assassin is, who he works for, or why Molly would be targeted By page 172 I still don t know.Then there s Oliver When he was very young he and his parents [...]

    9. Amanda says:

      I would say this book along with book 2 by Hunt set in the same world are now two of my new favorites Yes there are tons of sub plots, slang and characters parading together through this novel, and I love it I guess from reading the reviews that some readers got frustrated and gave it a lower rating based on the notion that they thought too much was going on at once and couldn t keep up I do not understand this problem Other readers said that the author left too much up to the reader which is an [...]

    10. Cat says:

      Um dia vou ser capaz de me mentalizar que esta vida demasiado curta para perder tempo com maus livros Ainda n o foi desta A Corte do Ar foi me emprestado pelo meu namorado, que adquiriu o livro a um pre o relativamente baixo No entanto, na minha opini o, um s c ntimo dado por este livro seria desperdi ar dinheiro.Ent o e porqu Ora bem, imaginem que querem fazer um bolo com as vossas frutas preferidas Pegam nas frutas, que s o v rias, cortam aos peda os e deitam numa ta a Juntam tamb m algum sumo [...]

    11. William says:

      I just finished my second read of this one And wow I loved it.This book has everything, which in all fairness is the primary complaint from its critics Steammen, airships, steam subs only mentioned in passing , magic, politics, clear heroes, villians, and everyone in between There are only two things that I would change, Mr Hunt needs to add some maps and an appendix character list.

    12. Tony says:

      I m no stranger to long books, fantasy, or science fiction, but this huge mess of ideas grew increasingly tiresome for me the further I got into it Many of the tropes for a good adventure are there orphans with curious untapped powers who may be able to save the world, kingdoms in conflict, people who are born with magic powers, an aeronautical navy, the steampunkish computer robot noble steammen , assassins, ancient artifacts, elder gods and on and on and on And that s really the problem with t [...]

    13. Alex says:

      Here s what s wrong with The Court of the Air It s a little to obvious the author s read the Bas Lag books He makes puns off of things that are in our world This would be okay if it felt like the world of the book and our world were linked in some solid way, or if this were a kind of satire disguised as fantasy like Pratchett does, or if it were some kind of the ages pass and each is of the other scenario where this is some future or past us, but none of that ever comes through, so the only effe [...]

    14. Susanne says:

      I can t finish this I ve been reading it for months now, a couple of pages at a time, but now I give up I don t care about any of the characters which I d have thought impossible, seeing as one of the protagonists is an orphan running from her killers but there you have it The world building is hasty and haphazard, the story, which is supposed to be thrilling, is boring, and the characters areh, as the damn kids today would say Shame, really I love steampunk I wanted to like this.

    15. Ori Fienberg says:

      I ll admit I was browsing through the Sci Fi Fantasy section of the ICPL and I picked up this book mostly because the cover looked beautiful That was a mistake I d like to say I won t make again, but I probably will.Jay Lake, author of the Mainspring says If Charles Dickens and Jack Vance had ever collaborated, they might have written this book The Court of Air is a collision between English letters and the hard edged vision of grunge fantasy Thanks Jay, you ve just ensured I will never pick up [...]

    16. Akiva says:

      Trashy, steampunk fantasy kitchen sink This would make a pretty decent thing to read at the beach and that is no small accomplishment, but overall it kind of annoyed me There were some rather clumsy bits of writing, awkward exposition, things appearing when they were convenient and disappearing when they weren t, the main characters were twinked out general issue orphans who weren t particularly interesting and were drafted by assorted ancient powers and deus ex machinae excuse me, the Hexmachin [...]

    17. Molly says:

      J h algum tempo que queria ler este livro por causa do ambiente steampunk onde se desenvolve a hist ria A Corte do Ar conta a hist ria de dois jovens, Molly Templar e Oliver Brooks, cada qual com a sua hist ria de vida Molly vive num orfanato em Ferrom dio, uma cidade do estado de Laborterra Oliver vive numa pens o, com o seu tio e a empregada deste O mundo dos jovens est prestes a mudar quando coisas estranhas come am a acontecer volta deles Depressa esses acontecimentos provam estar intimament [...]

    18. Émeraude says:

      Postado em livrosecitacoes resenha sa3,5 STARSNessa aventura steampunk de Stephen Hunt, ele nos apresenta a Molly, uma rf que carrega em seu sangue um segredo que a torna alvo de inimigos do Estado J Oliver, outro rf o, acusado de assassinato do seu nico parente, seu tio, e precisa fugir para salvar sua vida Logo, os dois se juntam para lutar contra um antigo poder que parecia derrotado havia mil nios.Amantes do Steampunk tremam com essa vers o purista do g nero Sim, sim, este livro para os apre [...]

    19. Mark Howell says:

      Many people have made comments about how the numberous characters, organizations, etc make the book hard to followI don t find that to be true.That being said, however, the argument that the characters seem somewhat shallow and archetypal, and don t really engage the reader s interest, that one s dead on Hell, if it hadn t mentioned on the back cover synopsis that the two main characters were the orphan kids, you probably wouldn t have a clue who the main characters were supposed to be Hunt spre [...]

    20. Nikki says:

      I ve been meaning to pick up The Court of the Air for a long time Can t remember how Stephen Hunt got on my radar, but he s been sort of hanging around there for a while, so I grabbed this from the library on one of my recent trips there I m not entirely sure I want to read the sequel The Court of the Air has some astonishing ideas, and some really great bits, and even some characters I found interesting, but it got tangled up in itself The writing is competent enough but the planning leaves som [...]

    21. Ross Kitson says:

      This was a book that elicited conflicting feelings in me The premise is great a Steampunk alternate world with magical fantasy tossed in Two orphans, both with evident potential and secrets, are chased through the environs allowing us a progressive discovery of the bizarre and intricate world.Yet it s chaotic There is a deluge of ideas, that take most of the book to gain substance The writing is variable, and the characterisation feels random The two MCs don t always resonate, particularly Olive [...]

    22. edifanob says:

      Two kids of magic, a lot of blood, a lot of politics, steam driven machines, no black and white scheme No read for a rainy Saturday afternoon.I m impressed and I will definitely read the sequels.In the meantime I could convince my nearly 17 years old daughter to read it.

    23. Christy says:

      I bought this book only after having bought his second book, The Kingdom Beyond the Waves, when several reviewers on commented that the second book, though not a direct sequel to the first, would have made sense had they already read The Court of the Air They are steampunk fantasy adventure novels and The Kingdom of the Waves drew me in with its ocean y cover art featuring a submarine and diver, a sting ray, a turtle, and a wrecked ship at the bottom of the ocean Sounds good, right I still want [...]

    24. Brett's Books says:

      This novel started out engrossingly, introduces many characters, races, settings, with no exposition which initially draws the reader in However, the author never quits introducing and stuff, with the already introduced items are left undeveloped I have three other complaints The author is too preachy, especially about faith, he has some amorphous idea that being subservient to any idea be a religious faith, political ideology or cause is BAD only those cheeky relativistic independent thinkers [...]

    25. Ruth says:

      c2007 Confused Not only am I confused, but I think the plot and target market has also been confused The cover of the hard back from the library is indicative of a YA book but the content certainly isn t The protagonists are young but what they say, do and think are not consistent with their ages After the first couple of pages, I did not think I was going to like the book then it started to get really good and then, for me, it kind of went downhill into a maelstrom of ideas, plot lines, charact [...]

    26. DeAnne says:

      It s a brilliantly fast 600 pages It s science fiction I guess The lines delineating how things like this are classified are fairly blurry It s got sci fi elements, and adventure elements, and buddy story elements, and gods and self creating steam driven metal entities, it s good fun I highly recommend it.I wandered around with a book in front of me for a day and a half I was teaching my son geography and while he was labeling things, I was reading furiously I just couldn t put it down It s like [...]

    27. Alexis Hall says:

      Brought to you courtesy of Reading Project 2015.I should unshelve this because I can t remember a damn thing about it except 1 It is vaguely steampunk2 It is very long3 It has a hot air balloon on the cover which is why I bought it.However if I have to re add it to my TBR I know I will never read it see 2 and I may, in fact, do harm to myself.I definitely read it however It just no made no impression on me whatsoever And now it sits on my actual shelves looking dusty and pissed off.Apologies to [...]

    28. Schmerica says:

      I have no idea what to think of this book Overall, I think it is very deeply flawed and uneven on a number of levels On the other hand, I really did enjoy it, and I think the setting is totally fascinating and want to know I guess I ll go in the middle and give it 3 stars, but I will probably also read by the author, the mass market paperback edition of this has one of the most gorgeous covers I have ever seen and is in fact 90% of the reason I bought it.

    29. Joey Woolfardis says:

      The blurb and storyline gleaned from descriptions and reviews seems intriguing, but the pacing, writing style and Mary Sue orphan characters really made me feel it was perhaps not worth it A possible return if I completely run out of anything else to read.

    30. Tanabrus says:

      Steam fantasy.Non so se esiste, n se la classificazione adatta a questo libro, ma leggendolo l unica cosa che mi venuta in mente.Perch The court of the air un fantasy, su questo non ci piove.C il regno di Jackals, protetto dal resto del mondo da una mortale barriera magica e dalle sue navi volanti che lo rendono imbattibile Ci sono vecchi templi dedicati a oscure divinit che un tempo proteggevano un impero sanguinario, divinit bandite dal mondo dopo una lunghissima lotta per la sopravvivenza di [...]

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