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Gentle Ben
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Gentle Ben Walt Morey The Alaskan wilderness is a lonely place for Mark Andersen, especially after the death of his older brother, Jamie But in time Mark finds someone else to love Ben, an Alaskan brown bear so huge that no one else dares come near him Gentle Ben has been a favorite of readers of all ages for 25 years, and is a timeless story of a rare friendship An ALA Notable Book.. Gentle Ben The Alaskan wilderness is a lonely place for Mark Andersen especially after the death of his older brother Jamie But in time Mark finds someone else to love Ben an Alaskan brown bear so huge that n
  • Title: Gentle Ben
  • Author: Walt Morey
  • ISBN: 9780140360356
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gentle Ben Walt Morey

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    1. Bookworm says:

      I thought, as I tend to do too often, that this would center primarily around the boy and the bear not so You meet and love the Anderson family, the mother, Ellen, was my favorite and other characters, good and bad,mother family friends And Morey s style of writing is family orientated, and his love for the woods and living beasts is very evident He has feelings for his characters It was altogether very engaging.

    2. Lorena says:

      I liked the idea of this book, and I really liked the first few chapters The kids lost interest a bit through the middle, and I had to encourage them along, and then the last third of the book picked up again I like the writing style well enough, but allow me to explain the low rating.1 Seeing as we are moving to Alaska, I don t want the kids to learn that bears are friendly pets Repeatedly throughout the story, anyone who tries to say that Mark s family ought to be cautious is ridiculed I know [...]

    3. Cheryl says:

      Because I enjoyed Kavik the Wolf Dog than I thought I would, and to compare to The Biggest BearYes, I can definitely see why this was so popular Lots of exciting and interesting stuff in it for kids, and, yes, especially for boys Maybe not quite enough about Ben himself, at least for kids who are animal lovers Somewhat dated in some details and attitudes, but still worth a read for those interested.

    4. Linda Todd says:

      This book I read when I was younger than I am now and loved the story then loved reading this story to my sisters when they where unwell they loved it also so all in all all of us loved this fabulous story it toke you to another place so all said and done keep smiling and happy reading to all with love from wee mexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    5. Scott says:

      I m not sure how I missed this book all these years I ve got a wife who is an elementary teacher, I have two kids, it takes place in Alaska, there s a bear and a fishing boat did I miss this book A great great story about a kid growing up in Alaska who befriends a bear Yeah sure other stuff happens but it s really the friendship between the boy and the bear that are important and it s magical Wonderful story, wonderful characters, I just loved every minute of it.Great stuff here.

    6. Joyce says:

      Library discard from the library I grew up in Still has the library card in it The wife of my seventh grade science teacher s signature is on the card They were our downstairs neighbors.I suppose I have read it previously If I did I had forgotten the story, which is wonderful Having lived in Alaska I appreciate the setting and the fishing industry as a way of survival But then there s the bear, Ben, and the boy It s a wonderful story well written I recommend it for all readers, all ages and stag [...]

    7. Megan Lane says:

      Aww I liked this a lot Super sweet and happy Sad, of course All animal books have to be a little sad But still loveable and good.

    8. Andrew Morrarty says:

      I really like the book this book was about a little kid named mark and he had found a bear that had been tamed so decided to train to not attack people so he ask is perents to keep the bear but they said no to keeping the bear but later on they had been trying to get red of the bear but it would not leave because he had trained it to stay with him and the perents had decided to keep the bear so later on in the book he had an away but then he had been found by his freindster on in the book the be [...]

    9. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance says:

      Mark s older brother dies of tb, and somehow that enables Mark s mother to allow Mark to befriend a bear It s a sweet story of a family growing together, but there were a couple of things I had trouble with 1 Can a bear really be gentle with a human 2 Would a mom, a mom who has already lost one son, allow her other son to make a bear his pet On the other hand, I loved the setting and reading about the profession of salmon fishing.

    10. Ryann Lund says:

      This is a book about a bear named Ben, and as boy named mark They are best friends until the village gets scared of tame Ben Mark has to let Ben go into the wild Ben is the biggest bear in the wild And he had the best fishing spot on the stream He eventually findes mark again and they are friends again.

    11. Anthony B says:

      Gentle Ben is a really cool book about a boy and his pet bear They live in Orca city and in order to buy Ben as his pet, Mark has to learn how to do a lot of responsebiles Earn money and get a lot of salmon for Ben so Ben could eat fish and not stale bread Ben will have to have light in his shed as well

    12. Brian Hiebert says:

      I like the book because when he got the his bear taken away and then they found it and that made me happy.

    13. Chris says:

      it was a good book

    14. Karin Jenkins says:

      My brother who hardly read as a child said this book captivated him at about age 12 I read it and loved it and can t wait to use it in homeschool for my 11 year old son.

    15. Kolten Brown says:

      Walt Morey s book Gentle Ben keeps the the reader reading the book with every page adding to their curiosity The book contains adventure and suspense with every page The main character Mark Anderson isn t your average boy He has a best friend that would scare anyone away with the exception of Mark His life changes when the time comes to attempt to convince his parents to save his friend or let his destiny take over This decision will set his life one of two ways.Characters Seeing life through Ma [...]

    16. SFrick says:

      Never saw the movie, nor saw at least I don t think so the TV show and Wish there was a sequel The one character I despised was Fog Hanson Nor did I like Mud Hole Jones, Mr out for a Profit person.I could have sworn that Clearwater, a close friend of the Anderson family, who worked the Far North boat with Karl Andersen, was going to survive and wished that he had.Loved it and would recommend reading Gentle Ben, for a person of any age.

    17. Donna Bijas says:

      3.5 stars for an enjoyable tale of Gentle Ben and his boy Mark and Mark s family Giant brown bear tamed but still considered dangerous, Mark s love of Ben and his ability to keep him safe stand out in this short, vividly written book Great kids read too.

    18. Malinda says:

      My boys loved reading this with me and we all decided that we want a pet bear.

    19. Jessica says:

      4.5 starsI liked this book I haven t read anything like it and I thought it was a good quick read Summary Ben has been owned by this guy for a few years Mark develops a relationship with the bears who stays in a shed all day Then Fog Benson wants to sell Ben and Mark pleads his parents to buy him Mark s parents know how dangerous a grizzly bears can be but after talking about Mark agreeing to take care of Ben and help his dad fish, Ben is his Mark s older brother died of tuberculosis and his par [...]

    20. Laila Doncaster says:

      I could read this book over and over again, and still find something new A fabulous read for any youngster with a liking for animals but do remind your child that making friends with bears in real life is not such a great plan A classic like this belongs on the bookshelf of any young mind.

    21. P.S. Winn says:

      The story of Mark Anderson and an unusual friend, will touch readers and is a great story to share.

    22. Larrullo says:

      We read this as a family The little people didn t really get into itour six year old s attention would spark here and there and she listened to and liked all parts involving the bearBend she has asked for a bear for a pet several times since reading itbut much of the book was over her head.My husband on the other handwho generally hates fiction and has little use for most storiesloved the book and asked me to keep reading chapter after chapter every night until the book was over Then he immediat [...]

    23. Shyla says:

      At a time when I was reading nothing but Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High and such my uncle knowing I was an avid reader got this book for me He told me it had been a favorite of his when he was young I took one look at the cover, a boy and a bear, and thought oh joy I m sure I can relate to this That is major sarcasm there in case you didn t notice Well one day when I was desperate for reading material I dug this out of the deep dark corner I had thrown it in and began to read Now I don t [...]

    24. wally says:

      and yet another story i recall from the ago long have i been a member here now three years lacking but two months the edition i read had a different cover, ben standing tall in the tall grass, the youth sitting down that ben looked like he was taller somehowyone remember the television show from yay ago maybe the same title memory is fuzzy, mebut wasn t dennis weaver the boy s father game wardenweaver did play a game warden.ry must be the onset of that disease that makes you forgeton s disease a [...]

    25. Lexis Peterson says:

      Introduce the bookntle ben was an amazing book about a special bond of a giant bear and his owner who took ben in,Tell about the book, but don t give away the ending gentle ben was a book of how a bear had come into town and tried to hurt very many people As the government of the town wanted to kill this bear, the a teenager takes this bear in and tries to tame it as the boy goes threw many problems with the bear they still love each other until the very end.Tell about your favorite part of the [...]

    26. Eden says:

      Mark has been lonely, especially since the death of his older brother But soon Mark befriends Ben, a brown bear whose owner has not really taken care of him Mark starts to spend time with Ben after school and feed him If only Ben could be his, how Mark wishes Ben could be his And one day Mark s wish comes true.When I was started this book, I wasn t sure if I d like it or not I was pleasantly surprised I really liked this book The descriptions of Alaska and the wild are great.I just thought this [...]

    27. Tarissa says:

      Gentle Ben is a story about a boy and his longing to tame a wild bear that he can t have.Mark is a young boy who lives in Alaskan Territory before it became a state The thing that he desires most is to be friends with Ben, an Alaskan brown bear, who has been chained up in Fog Benson s shed for 5 dreadful years Mark s parents do not approve of befriending this wild, giant mammal, for fear of their son s safety They ve already lost a child before, and don t want it to happen again.When the whole t [...]

    28. Leto says:

      Mark is a boy who wishes to own a brown bear in Alaska, which is always kept in a shed He always feeds the brown bear stale bread, but Gentle Ben, the brown bear, enjoys it and doesn t try to attack Mark One day a few people tried to kill Ben because he s a bear and they thing he will harm the citizens of the nearby town called Orca City He gets cut on the nose by a scythe and is protected by Mark s family as well as another person not from their family tree Someone flew in a red plane over the [...]

    29. Nataly Barakezyan says:

      I read this book because I saw the cover and thought it would be cool to read This book is about a boy who loses his brother and befriends a bear to cope The bear was going to be killed because he attacked his former owner Mark the bears owner sees that it is better for the both of them to send Ben away Later, Mark and his family are reunited with the bear and adopt him My favorite quote from the book is Spring was charging full tilt toward the short northern summer with its maximum twenty hours [...]

    30. Tanya Larose says:

      I was a huge fan of animal stories as a kid growing up in the 1970s I remember the television series from the 1960s but I didn t even realize that there was a novel called Gentle Ben until I came across a copy in a local thrift store.I must say it was quite an enjoyable read and stands the test of time The friendship between a young boy and a huge Alaskan Brown bear warms the heart and unlike an earlier reviewer, I praise the ending of the tale I am a avid supporter of animal rights and gun cont [...]

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