Mark Alders
The Conquerors
September 16, 2019 Comments.. 646
The Conquerors Mark Alders This is the story of how Australia comes to the gold medal match in the zero G wrestling of the 150th Olympiad There is plenty of action on and off the grid as the team play hard for that illusive gold medal Will Australia win Or will the defeat crush a solid team beyond repair This will become a free book, available soon from eXtasy books. The Conquerors This is the story of how Australia comes to the gold medal match in the zero G wrestling of the th Olympiad There is plenty of action on and off the grid as the team play hard for that illusive gol
  • Title: The Conquerors
  • Author: Mark Alders
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 251
  • Format: ebook
  • The Conquerors Mark Alders

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      251 Mark Alders
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    1 Blog on “The Conquerors

    1. ~~~Heather S.~~~ says:

      Wow, that was hot Can I participate in the post match meetings and team building exercises, please This story was a creative example of team work at it s finest, with lots of male loving and foreskin appreciation, the peens the merrier, I say The detached genitals were a brilliant idea for nude Olympic wrestling and the subsequent reattachment centre was hilarious, but how dare they misfile a peen, eeeek that s scary Great job Mark

    2. Heather C says:

      Wow, that was um.nturous The mixed up detached genital scene was hilarious Omg I was laughing so hard my eyes were watering

    3. Tj says:

      Wonderful short Wrestling will look a lot different after this

    4. ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee) says:

      Such an awesome take on the Olympics Detachable genitalia Loved it.I liked the zero G match scenes and the sports announcers commentary This was imaginative and delightful.

    5. Serena Yates says:

      What a fantastically imaginative story Sci fi the way it should always be Lots of hot men and sex to boot what could you want This story just blew me away Loved it

    6. A Girl Has No Name says:

      This short sci fi story is very entertaining it takes us into Olympic Games, where all athletes have to be naked in order to compete Naked and without their genitals, they are handed back at the end of every competition day Of course, things might get mixed up and that s exactly what happens to MC Jasper This is how he meets Carlos, his quick to be boyfriend He integrates him into the fun he s having with his own team and tadam we have a sexy m m m m story 3 stars

    7. Britta ★ Nachteule ★ says:

      Read as part of the Stuff My Stocking M M Romance Stories that are Nice and Naughty anthology.Orgies in the locker room In the future Sounds like PWP Well, it is PWP The sex was smoking hot and the idea was great.So why only 2 stars Simple as it is I didn t like it.And even though, I get why people might like it, the whole narration atmosphere wasn t my peace of cake.

    8. Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

      3.5 Sci fi story, set during the Olympic games in the future, where you have to be naked To make wrestling naked easier you get your penis removed before the games Oh boy But getting it reattached and then using it to celebrate with all your teammates Lots of m m m m.

    9. Erica Pike says:

      2.5 stars.The story started off so well It takes place hundreds of years in the future on a galactic space ship as I gathered that hosts the Olympiad The rules have changed and everyone competes naked, so there s no chance of cheating That doesn t mean there are dicks flopping around, because the whole twig and nuts are detached and reattached after the game This made a very interesting scenario when after a winning match, Jasper goes to have his junk reattached, only to discover that the contai [...]

    10. Sandra says:

      Offered for FREE from the M M Romance Group, Stuff Your Stocking event.

    11. Jerry says:

      What a wild Sci fi ride Or romp, or Great imagination.Really hard to wrap my male mind around the physical Cool.

    12. Luis says:

      This is my first time to DNF a short story.It started really great and so hilarious that I thought for a second that maybe I found another delightful short story But it s like a shiny shiny delicious apple but with a stinking rotten core.The characters are sex hounds SEX SEX SEX We enter a world where encouragement sex, comfort sex, team sex orgy, date sexsexsex, anything sexThe sporty side of the story is not even a bit interesting

    13. Sophie says:

      I just have to point out that in this futuristic, sci fi sports story competitors have their genitals removed, frozen, and re attached for every match, but apparently there s been no improvement to the condom Hm Aside from that glaring inconsistency, the setup was good and I loved the team camaraderie, but the sex fell flat, the extra relationship seemed unnecessary, and I really don t understand wrestling.

    14. Sara Testarossa says:

      The plot was fun, the characters were entertaining, the sex was hot, and I appreciated that it was free But there s something about the writing style for the sex in particular that wasn t my cup of tea Don t get me wrong, I love a good raunchy sex scene But in this piece, use of certain words and phrases was a turn off for me Your mileage may vary though

    15. My Dichotomy Life says:

      I don t usually like or read sci fi, futuristic books but if this is any indication of what I ve been missing I m an idiot Mark Alders weaves a wonderful story of love, togetherness and camaraderie I love the ideas in the book which make this so interesting and unique I m going to read of his books, this is certainly a wonderful 5 s.

    16. Dina says:

      Very funny book

    17. Milyd says:

      I kinda liked the beginning but I was so confused afterwards.

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